Upload Mods

Are you interested in releasing the mod via omsi2.com?

We’re giving away hosting for your mods, and act as a publisher. You will receive direct hosting (so no need to use those buggy and slow hosting sites) for your bus, and each upcoming update for it.

Note:We currently only release buses!

How can I release it via omsi2.com?

1. Your mod can’t be released elsewhere.
Mods that are already released won’t be released trough us. We do review them and publish them, however they won’t get hosted by us.

2. Your mod must surpass the 6.0 rating, otherwise we won’t publish it!
Before publishing the mod, we will test it and give it a rating. If it’s above 6.0 (even 6.0 counts) your mod will be published, but anything above that unfortunately won’t get released. You can of course host it elsewhere and we will publish them, but we are not going to release something below the 6.0 quality mark.

3. It must be free!
We do not release add-ons that are payware.

4. It must stay exclusive to OMSI2.com!
If you plan on releasing the mod on omsi2.com, than it must stay exclusive to our website. What does this mean? It means that you can not host it elsewhere, and you give us the right to report anyone who does so. Please note that we do not allow direct linking, and everyone that likes to download the mod should download (or will be redirected) to the review with the download link, with no waiting! There is no size-limit! :)

5. Updates and More Information
Buses often are buggy because they’re made from the community (us), and often there are updates available very soon after the initial release. We will host those updates for you, but those aren’t exclusive to omsi2.com, and can be also hosted elsewhere.

6. Proof of Ownership
The last thing we want to do is host someone else’s bus. You will need to provide a screenshot or a .blend file if possible (or any other software project file that you may use), but if this is too much – a simple screenshot of the 3D model in work taken exclusively for us, and minimum 2 pictures!

If you are interested please send an email to: omsieu@gmail.com with the following title: Release Bus and post a .zip/.rar of your mod and screenshots of ownership.