WIP: Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro

It’s another one from alTerr! This time it’s the Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro, probably the most anticipated bus for OMSI. And don’t worry, it includes both the 2 and 3 doors versions, so you are covered on that.

The YouTube video with more pictures, directly embed from alTerr’s channel:


I am a bus enthusiast. I like the 70-80-90's design, but there are some newer buses that catch my eye also. Big fan of the socialist design and buses like the Sanos, Ikarus-Zemun, TAM, Ikarus, Skoda, LAZ... Feel free to message me for any information or anything else!

  • http://forumgranturismo.forumsjobs.com/ Fan_de_VanHool

    Ce bus est magnifique !!! ENFIN UN CITARO POUR OMSI !!! :D :D

  • http://jakestechcenter.webs.com Jake Emms

    Where can i download this

    • Nemorosus

      How many times should a person explain what's the meaning of WIP mod?

      • http://forumgranturismo.forumsjobs.com/ Fan_de_VanHool

        ouais :/ y en a qui ne comprennent vraiment pas …

  • nemeza

    Looks real nice!

    I really like the 3 door version! :) May you plan a 3 door version with the engine style of the 2 door version too?

  • Tiago

    For when the download? :p

  • Kyfan Stevens

    Just wondering does any one have an idea of when this will be released? Been waiting ages for a descent Citaro to be released. Can't wait to drive this!! Thanks in advance :D

  • klocrafi


    If tou can ask author: Can you make display like this one: http://phototrans.eu/images/photos/original/45/59… ?

  • http://www.tecmons.over-blog.fr Tecmons

    really, i like the two door version ,

    this bus are very realistic i like it, i think drive for minimal 500Km on all maps or omsi, i'm not a big fan of citaro but l like it..

    good job :D

  • MK


  • simulation4

    Cooler Bus. Freue mich schon drauf. :D

    • Mr.Pazuo

      Du bist nicht Simulation4 ;) denn ich habe Kontakt mit ihm

  • Sven

    Wird der Bus zum download kommen wenn er fertig ist?

  • TheMasterblaster

    Bau bitte mal einen Citaro C2 weil deine Busse sind echt der hammer. Bester Citaro ever!