Projekt Szczecin 4.0

Some time ago, we published a work-in-progress screenshots of Projekt Szczecin, more specifically of the fourth version of this magnificent OMSI add-on. The map now 7 full routes that you can drive trough the city of Szczecin in Poland. New additions are the line 58 and 63.


  • Two new drivable day lines (58, 63)
  • Adjusted for OMSI 2
  • New Objects
  • Trams/Rail Traffic (Optional)
  • Other minor fixes and details

We’ll have a video up soon of the routes. Even better, you can record one yourself and send it to with the new lines, and we’ll embed it here. Please note that it must contain an watermark ;)

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Download the map here


I am a bus enthusiast. I like the 70-80-90's design, but there are some newer buses that catch my eye also. Big fan of the socialist design and buses like the Sanos, Ikarus-Zemun, TAM, Ikarus, Skoda, LAZ... Feel free to message me for any information or anything else!